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Nowadays the conventional and traditional career options are taking a back seat in attracting the interest of young minds and many students are keen on making a career in the field of Web Designing.

If you’re thinking Web designing will not bring you much profit as a career, then you’re wrong.

This is a lucrative career option with the right balance of skill, knowledge and creativity of the mind.

Students can excel and showcase their potential well in the field.

What is web designing?

Web Designing is a program that involves all the different pieces of training, consisting of important programming and markup languages for developing a functional website. In this era of the internet,, many web designers have created such great websites and have gathered such great impression in the field. The web designing includes great features and impressive skills in Photoshop. Great web designers with great and steady Web Design courses in Bhubaneswar have designed robust websites.

Who is a Web Designer?

A website designer is who understands the need of the client and their information and how that has to be put up on the website to make it a user-friendly website.

A web designer needs to be updated with the latest design-related technology and software and should be able to present its client’s information in the most presentable manner so that the brand’s identity is intact.

The work of a web designer is to shape brand identities, arrange information, and create such a unique experience that fulfils the need of the hour and even leaves a great and lasting impression.

What does a Web designer do?
  • • The job role of website designer requires them to meet with clients or the company’s creative team to make notes and understand the inputs the clients want in their website that needs to be created. A website designer works with graphics on computer software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator and creates visually appealing website designs.

    Website design and development go hand in hand but is different as well. Website development is more of the technical aspect of the work and looks into the functionality while designing the creative aspect part. Web designers may also make use of programs like JavaScript to add animated graphics or other media programs like adding film clips or sounds to a website. The job role and scope of a website designer is quite vast as there it is a need to learn web design from the best website training institute in Bhubaneswar.
  • The main goal of creating a website page with a visual appeal and lasting impression is to grab more and more website visitors and specifically provide information about products, company or other related technicalities in a way that it converts the casual website visitor into a paying customer.

    Websites can be entertaining, or may even contain instructions, manuals or how to and support about a particular product. Each website is different from the other,some are e-commerce websites or some are social networking or some are just informative but the ultimate goal is to gather attention and provide great visual impact to its visitors. A website has written content as well.So for this work, a professional like a content writer can be hired or at times the website designer may use his/her own word in line with the content provided by the client.
  • An outdated website doesn’t appeal nicely to the concerned audience, therefore,it's critically important for a website designer to know the current trend about latest website functionalities. For that, a great eye and research are needed in the industry to carve their identity. They need to know how the website can rank well in search engine rankings and they should be well accepted by its visitors. At times clients totally rely on the website designers for whole new and fresh looks for their website as there is no ranking for an old and outdated website. A great interface is very important!

    Therefore, to posses, the right skill and knowledge best web design coursesneeds to be studied by the student from the best MAAC web designing training institute in Bhubaneswar.
The objective of the course offered by MAAC

There is great website Design training courses available at MAAC Bhubaneswar for the students to learn the skills. To make a mark and prove one’s mettle technical ability, artistic and creative approach and great communication skills are taught to the students at MAAC.

A website designer should be well versed in meeting deadlines as the career of website designer deals with hectic work schedules and great responsibility.We here at MAAC Bhubaneswar will take care of that and will train accordingly so that none of the students will face any difficulty in the industry.

Coursesoffered by us

The courses offered by MAAC are specially designed for the betterment of every student so that they all become a pro before entering into the industry and thus do not face any problems while working as a web designer.

Course Duration: 12 Months

Course content
    SEM 1
  • Fundamentals of drawing and design
  • Concepts of graphics and illustrations
  • Graphic design
  • Image design
  • Page layout design
    SEM 2
  • Modeling
  • Texturing
  • Lighting
  • Particle and dynamics
  • Character setup and skinning
  • Character Animation
    SEM 3
  • Fundamentals if design and basics of 2D animation
  • Digital storyboarding
  • Digital 2D animation
Softwares taught in the course
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe illustration
  • Corel Draw
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Autodesk 3Dsmax
  • Adobe After Effects

So what to do after you complete the course?

Career opportunities after a completing the course at MAAC the best Web Designing Institute in Bhubaneswar

Creative and potential web designers have a great chance of getting placed with a good multinational company who seek to employ good web designers.

When a student chooses to learn the web development course in Bhubaneswar from MAAC BBSR, the best Web Designing Institute in Bhubaneswar which offers best web design courses or computer web design courses he/she should be sound sure of grabbing a great career opportunity.

By the way, did you know an average Website designer earns around Rs. 2 Lakhs+ annually? That’s a good amount of money!

The job scenario of web designers is increasing day by day due to technologies advancing and its integral application almost everywhere. Global companies, in general, are employing great web designers so that they develop a great user interface website with a great appeal so they increase their profitability by them.

When one goes through web design training in Bhubaneswar from a great web design training institute, they are sure to land a lucrative job offer that will prove to be beneficial for their career start.

One can become an expert and skilled web designer after they learn web design or computer web design courses from a great web designing training institute in Bhubaneswar.

For someone who is a freelancer or is self-employed, it's up to them a job where they wish to advertise their skills and take on projects that they find interesting and want to do. No compulsions or fixed job kind.

Self-employed web designers may even have a dedicated office setup at home only.

But yeah the perks are great even as a great website designer can always use their creative side and artistic touch and the best part that the job is never monotonous.

So why you should choose our web page design course

We here at MAAC Bhubaneswar train our students with highly efficient faculty as well as 100% assessment in procuring the best jobs in website design in Bhubaneswar.

Every student will get to use our specialized labs and practice the software also they will be assisted to create their own work portfolio.

Over here we were giving insights about the lucrative career of a Website designer and as you can see it requires specific knowledge so just get enrolled in the best web development courses offered by MAAC Bhubaneswar.

We at MAAC are a reputed web design training institute in Bhubaneswar with a great track record of producing great designers who have carved their names in the industry.

Come join us and be among the stars that shine brightly.

With affordable web designing course fee in Bhubaneswar and great industry exposure, we are sure you can land a great career and make the most of the skill.

So, choose the best website design course in Bhubaneswar according to your preferences and brush up your current skill and knowledge.

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