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Placement MAAC

  • Placed Student

    Anil Kumar Pangi

    Creative Designer at JcXserv Pvt. Ltd.

    MAAC Bhubaneswar is the best institute for learning animation and multimedia. It will help you enhance your creativity & ability. The way of teaching and all faculties are too good. They are like your family member. And now I got placed as a Graphics designer in Bhubaneswar.

  • Placed Student

    Sinhas Mohapatra

    Creative-Head Designer in Sovan Production Studio Pvt Ltd.(Bhubaneswar)

    Teachers don't just teach students, they help to prepare us for the road ahead in life and carrier. That I got in MAAC Bhubaneswar.

  • Placed Student

    Narayan Mohanty

    Graphic Designer at Printview

    I have learned a lot in MAAC. It is a perfect platform to enhance your skill and also get an experience of practicle things. Right now I am working in PRINT VIEW as a graphics Desogner. Thanks MAAC Bhubaneswar and also my faculties.

  • Placed Student

    Rosali Pati

    Graphics Designer at Printview

    MAAC gives right guidance to their students not only with their subject but choosing the right path in this field for every individual. Glad I reach for to MAAC BBSR.

  • Placed Student

    Amit Pradhan

    Compositing Artist in Innovative Animations (Mumbai)

    As a student of MAAC Bhubaneswar I have explored my field of expertise & it gives me opportunities to experience in professional fields also.Thanks a lot to all my faculties.

  • Placed Student

    Arnab Mohanty

    Lighting artist at Innovative Animations(Mumbai)

    MAAC Bhubaneswar is the perfect platform to enhance my creativity and ability in this field. I have learnt a lot as a student of this academy. All thanks to my faculties for this guidance and support.

  • Placed Student

    Ashutosh Sahoo

    Editor, Compositor & Graphics designer at Edusholar e-learning Pvt. Ltd. (Bhubaneswar)

    MAAC is the best institution for multimedia platform. I have learnt more than required, good care of students, slicing each problems in detail, faculties are so caring and humble.

  • Placed Student

    Suryakanta Mallick

    Sr. Graphics Designer & Team Leader at Reebok (Delhi)

    MAAC faculties gives me professional level learning in 2D Designing and Graphics Designing. I am very thankful to my faculties.

  • Placed Student

    Satyabrata Roul

    Lighting artist at Innovative Animations(Mumbai)

    MAAC Bhubaneswar is the perfect gateway to graphics and VFX industry, here learning is fun and informative. I am very much thankful to the faculties of MAAC bhubaneswar who helped me to enhance my skills by training us with the cutting edge graphics technologie. Proud to be a a student of such an estiem¬ed institute MAAC Bhubaneswar.

  • Placed Student

    Samrat Biswas

    Lighting Artist - Tripwire Visionworks

    MAAC takes individual care of students for their study. I will remain ever grateful to my faculties in MAAC Girishpark

  • Placed Student

    Manpreet Singh

    Lighting Artist - Dream 4D Animation

    MAAC provides the best platform in 3D and VFX industry. I have learnt a lot as a student of MAAC Girishpark. Thanks to my faculties.

  • Placed Student

    Snehasish Banerjee

    3D animator - Filament Digital

    MAAC is the best place for learning 3D animation. I am proud to be a student of MAAC Girishpark

  • Placed Student

    Ratula Mukherjee

    Print Media - NSHM SKILLS

    MAAC Girishpark made me confident about my goal and helped me to strengthen my technical part. Thanks to my Instructors.